This course runs from the 16th of February for four Wednesdays. It will introduce you to telescopes and answer some of the questions of the universe from when is the sun yellow, how old is the universe and how do we know and introduce you to some of the physics that govern the universe.


You don't need to be a mathematician to join us for sessions just a passion to want to know about nature and the universe.


Look forward to seeing you and clear skies!

Experience and Knowledge: just an interest in Astronomy and a desire to understand nature and the universe!
What's covered: the sessions will be based around practical astronomy, we'll be outside as mush as possible over the 4 week course.

When the weather doesn't allow, well discuss and learn about night sky navigation, and astronomy principles and some astrophysics such as why the sun wont go out, cosmology and the theory of the Universe and the physics behind the solar system.


Do I need to be good at Maths?
- No! and understanding of some really basic algebra would be useful but absolutely not essential!
Do I need to bring my own equipment?
- Again no! we provide all the equipment you'll need from telescopes and binoculars to DSLRs, you may want to bring a pen and pad and warm clothes!